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Every since I carried my first born son right here in my belly named Melvin, Life has caused me to endue many challenges in this school called Learning, I have learned so many things about motherhood, and what it means to be a mother, an now grandmother and great grandmother. Wow!!!

I used to be a little young lady carrying a baby and not sure of what I was gonna do as a new mother but I sure had to learn how to be a good mother and raise my 3 children the best that I knew how with the help of the Lord and others that helped teach me some pointers on being a mother.

What I did do was to teach them the word of God and sent them to church as often as possible, because I wanted them to have that foundation that I grew up with and that was to have Christ Jesus as a part of your daily life, and that this root would learn to grow and run deep in your life and the life of your children, and grandchildren when you have them.

I am proud to be a great grandmother and I have learned so many things. I am so thankful and grateful to have Christ Jesus in my life who has seen me through the roughest of situations and has taught and continues to teach me how to be a good citizen on this planet Earth. Love lifted me and Love saved me from myself.

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