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My New Great Granddaughter

Loving my Great Granddaughter Alonna Love is her name. She has a part of my name and what I stand for and that is Love. I am Donna Loves You. And she is Alonna Love. Wonderful Heritage. I now have 17 Grandkids and 2 Great Granddaughters.

Her mother which is my Granddaughter Aejah is holding her new baby. Baby's are indeed a blessing from God. She was born almost a month early from her due date but she is so healthy. God bless the children. I just love my family inheritance.

I am honored and blessed to experience the Abundant Life In Christ Jesus. He loves me so much and has allowed me to see my children's children's children and my mother is the Great Great Grandmother. What a blessing.

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Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson
24 juil. 2022


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