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Nutrition Snack Balls

I made my own Healthier Snack Balls in my kitchen when I started craving sweets. I want to stay on track with my eating habits, I realize that you can create your very own healthy snacks, that way you know exactly what's in them.

To watch the full video click below on my facebook page to view or join my site or Youtube page Donna Hall8117 and subscribe and see what it is I eat and do daily. Anyway, I started eating them on last night and they are really amazing. I should have them put in a cookbook.

Anyway you just use oatmeal, dark semi sweet chocolate, sweet coconuts, pure honey, bananas, crushed pecans, dry blueberries, dry cranberries, dry cherry's, and natural peanut butter. NON BAKE TREATS. Mash all ingredients together with your hands or a good spoon and roll them into a ball. Refrigerate or Freeze. Eat 2-3 for a snack only when you are craving cake, cookies, pie, and candy. They work for me, along with my yummy protein shakes. Add your email at bottom of pages to subscribe to my posts. Don't forget if you care to donate any amount to support my positive work, just click the donation button, and to purchase my Inspirational Book. Laughter in the rain by myself Donna L. Hall Click the links below on any post and it will direct you to Thank you everyone for your support and may the Lord God bless you real good. #MrsDonna #HealthIsWealth #Movementisgood #Keepingitreal #Laughhterismedicine

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