Part 1. Matrimony

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I have found out that if me and my husband don't pray and keep the Lord in our marriage, it will definitely falter. We have been together for 12 years, and it definitely hasn't been no bed of ease but very hard when you both are trying to be on the same page but are on different pages spiritually mainly.

I was celibate for 8 years and waited for a mate before sex, but boy did I run into problems when I got the mate and seen he was saved but not on the same page spiritually. It then took a lot of prayer to cause spiritual changes in my marriage. He wasn't strong in the Lord but loved the Lord.

We had many issues in the marriage but had a lot of similar interests that had drawn us to each other. We liked a lot of the same things, had a lot in common, especially our wounded past with molestation and abuse. We just weren't on the same spiritual page and people would say that I should of married a Pastor or a Bishop which I didn't think that was necessary.

Anyway, we are still together and the Lord told us that what would make our marriage work was for us to keep Him in the center of it or we would have problems. He has some issues that he is working on as far as Habits or Addictions, as many people do, but when you don't give it to the Lord they can come between your marriage and cause you to want a divorce.

I admit that I should of waited longer but because I was celibate for 8 years, I didn't want to wait longer for sex, and my flesh sure was on fire. So to make a long story short because this topic is a whole book, I will just stop for now because you will here more in future posts about Relationship Issues with Part 2 of Matrimony.

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