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I am now Age 60. I know my body pretty well now. If I want to feel stronger and have more energy, then it is time for me to go back to the gym. I joined Planet Fitness Gym on Saturday October 9th. I go Saturday, Tuesday and Thursdays. I work on weight machines that I was used to before that help strengthen my arms, back, legs, and abdominals some.

I enjoy my time at the gym. It makes me feel so much better when I complete my workout. Today October 16 will be my 4th day and I am being consistent with my exercise routine. Building muscle and strengthening my body is important to me and I already feel stronger. It also improves my blood circulation, and helps my heart and lungs to pump more efficiently.

Squats are a good exercise for your hamstrings, but I prefer the Seated Leg Press Machine because it works everything from my Buttocks down and I feel amazingly stronger after I am done with that particular workout. Along with the Calf Machine.

When you go back to the Gym, it is important to start slow and stay in your lane. I don't try to do what other people are doing because I know that I am age 60 and everything isn't for me. Work within your own fitness level. My clothes already are fitting better because I am waking up a sluggish metabolism. Now it can burn more calories,

Stationary Bike also helps tone up the legs and especially my fat knees and improves my blood circulation. It is definitely a Cardio Exercise. Just move the body and it will be kinder to you.

Thank you all who support what I do. #MrsDonna You can find me on Facebook by this Hashtag. Donna Hall is my name from Wilmington Delaware. Black Female Age 60. God bless you all and have a blessed day on purpose.

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