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Pregnant With Destiny

My Cover photo is me pregnant with my first born child name Melvin. It's a blessing to have children if you are able too, or to adopt a child or raise a child as your own. When you train up a child in the way that it should go, when it gets older, it won't depart from the training. Yes they get side tracked like we all do, but they will always remember any positive training that you have given them.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. On the other hand, I am also Pregnant with Destiny!!! There are many seeds that the Lord has planted in me. Some have grown up to maturity. Some are still being watered and nurtured, and many are being given out to the world what he has required me to do with what he has given me.

I cherish the gifts and talents that the Lord has put in me. He is the Best teacher that there ever will be. He has been there down through the years with my ups and downs, and he has and is still teaching me what to do and how to better help the people that he has assigned me to.

I am so grateful for all that the Lord is doing in my life. He is requiring more change in me for the better. He is working more on me with my appetite. Eating more wisely. I am age 61 now. Birthday was on June 8th. Anyone who wants to still be a blessing can. My Cashapp id is $Donnalhall Or Join my Fan Club Mail Box. Donna L. Hall P.O. Box 9269 Wilmington, Delaware 19809 by sending Letters, photos, cards, gifts and share who you are and how i many have helped you, or any advice that you may need help with.

God is my Rock and Hiding Place. I can't breathe without him. I love him so very much. He brings me complete joy. I have never met a human being who can match the Love of Christ. When you read Psalm 91 Chapter, you can learn to dwell in the secret place in the Lord. Where people can't pluck your nerves. Get into your secret closet and tell the Lord all about what you maybe facing or going through, because he will and can help you through any crisis if you would only cast all of your cares upon him for he cares for you deeply.

Mothers Day is a blessing. I was once received a Prophecy that I would be a Mother of Souls. That is a Spiritual Mother. It is an Amazing Thing to love and give advice to people that you don't even know. I happen to love people and I always try to encourage as many as I can through sharing what I have learned down through the years. Helping many to turn there lives around for the better.

I may not be your Natural Mother, but I am going to try my Best to steer you into the right direction with God's Help. He is my Best Friend and He is my Greatest Teacher of Wisdom. He rocks me to sleep in the midnight hours. He gives me great songs to encourage me. He always lets me know that he loves me and that he will never leave me nor forsake me but that he will be with me always even unto the ends of the earth. He loves me just like that.

I am a Warrior for the Lord. I am a Fighter. I am a Care Giver. I am a Mother, Wife, Grandmother of 17 and a Great Grandmother of 1 granddaughter and there is another granddaughter that will be born in about another 7 weeks. I am truly grateful for all that the Lord is doing in my life.

He is perfecting those things which concern me. He is the Lily of the Valley, the bright and morning star. He is the God of more than enough. He is a wonder in my soul. He is Jehovah Jira my provider and his grace is sufficient for me. His mercy is everlasting upon my life. He is always teaching me and helping me even when I make a mistake, he teaches me how to correct that thing.

Make sure that you have a blessed day filled with God's love and joy. For the joy of the Lord is your daily strength. Weeping may endure for a night, but his joy will wipe every tear from your eyes. His love is that strong. It covered my faults and saw what I could become. He is not through with me yet, so keep praying for me. He graces me with Laughter because Laughter is a dose of medicine daily for me.

Let God arise and the enemy be scattered. Grow in wisdom and grace. Read the Book of Proverbs to learn more about Wisdom. I am here for you. My Book which is at the bottom of each post page will be a blessing to you if you would click on the link and purchase it. Its very inspirational and it will tell you in more details what God has and is still doing in my life.

The blessings of the Lord make rich and adds no sorrow to it. I am Pregnant with Destiny and giving birth to multiple babies. Thank you Lord for all that you have and continue to do in my life. In you I live and move and have my being. Everyday that I wake up is another blessing from the Lord. You are a wonder in my soul and I bless your name. Help me to always encourage someone, and make them smile and enjoy there day in some way.

Also Please support my 3 Youtube channels. Donna Hall8117, thelifeofmrsdonnalhall, and Grandma Donnas Wisdom Bites. Hit the Subscribe Button. Support me on Facebook by typing in my Hashtag #MrsDonna also Twitter @Donna35850 WattPad Books @Donna35850 Instagram Donnahall8117, TicTok Donnahall32. I am Donna Hall age 61 black female from Wilmington Delaware on Facebook with over 27 Groups that I manage. God bless you and always take him with you. My Website is

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