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Make sure when you are giving out prophecies it lines up with the word of God or you know that God is saying it and not your own feelings. Many people down through the years have given me false prophecies to where they were saying almost like God hated me and God had to speak to me in a dream and tell me that he loves me. Make sure you don't get in these 100 dollar lines and people trying to make you pay to get a word from the Lord. The Lord told me that if you read and study the word of God then you will get all that you need from me.

Run to Jesus for your Prophecies and stop running to people. Jesus wants you to come to him for your answers. They are really found in the bible for free. Open up your word and receive a free daily word to tell you how to live your life in Christ and also pray to him daily and he will lead, guide and direct you into all truth. A simple word but so much needed because people are getting so many false prophesies from people that say it's God and it is not so.

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