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Question? Does anything really go when it comes to the SEX BED?

Is oral sex, masterbation included in the bedroom with or without each other?

Is pornography okay to watch even when you are married?

Is it okay for a woman and man to masterbate after sex because they still want pleasure or just habitually like touching themselves? I have so many questions to ask when it comes to the bedroom because touching each other is fine, but when it comes to touching yourself, then is that a Sin?

Some people seem to be over sexed or over think about sex to the point of never getting enough. What do you do in that case? If you aren't a cheater? Is it okay to always touch yourself? Is this falling into the category of Sexual Sins when you habitually think about SEX, even if you have a spouse? What if they want it too much or want to watch porn a lot but you don't. Is that a problem, especially with a Christian Mate?

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