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The Road Ain't Easy

This road called life, is a big school of learning. From the time you are born until the time that you die, the road that you take has many turn, twists, swerves, and straight ahead paths for you to take. You can also turn around and try to go back the way that you came, but then how can you find out if you've reached your destiny?

While walking on the path called Life, make sure that you pass your tests along the way. It is very much like going to school. You have many classes, and you must listen, and pay attention so that you can go on to the next level or assignment. You are born to learn, mature, and grow, just as a child has to be fed in order to grow from an infant to a full adult.

Life has stages in it. There are so many things that you many experience even in your infancy stage, from the time of birth until you are about 11 years old. Life may bring you many difficulties, and challenges. It may be rough and not what you thought that it should be, based on the parents that you were given, and the people that come into your pathway on your road to maturity.

You may raise your hands in school to ask questions, and you may possibly not like the school that you are in and want to change schools, but many times you have to stay there and learn whatever lesson that it is that you are being taught.

Because we have different assignments in life, everyone won't always be given the same lessons at the same time. Whatever you were created to learn, it is up to you to ask all the proper questions and to pass the test that is given to you. Some maybe very challenging and hard at times, I sure enough wished to go back and start all over again because I didn't like the hand that was dealt to me while growing up as a child. I went through a lot of storms, tests, valleys, and had a lot of mountains to climb that were very hard and I felt like I just wasn't going to make it, but somehow I managed to pull through.

Tests sometimes seem very hard and difficult to pass. You at times will not get an A grade on every test. Sometimes you may get an F grade and have to repeat the assignment in order to learn the lesson that was taught. Our quest in life is to pass the test in order to go move forward in life and not try to go backwards.

Your grade isn't always going to be an A grade, but it is up to you to pass your test. You will have many options, through people that come into your pathway to help guide you to finishing the course. I remember this Old Song. I don't feel no ways tired. Come to far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy but I don't believe that He brought me this far to leave me.

I'm talking about the Lord Jesus Christ. I had to talk to him throughout my life asking so many "Why" Questions? Why do I have to go through this? Why did that person do what they did to me? Why was I even born? Why did my parents do what they did to me? Why did I end up in an abusive relationship or upbringing? It's just not fair nor is it right. "WHY" "WHY" "WHY" and Why Me?

I had to turn to the Lord so many times to get through each test. Man was it hard for me. This school of whatever I was supposed to be learning was hard and I wanted out. I sometimes wanted to go back up into my mothers womb and just start back over. That's how many of us felt or feel when we ate going through this school of life. But the Lord will see you through. He will put people in your pathway, and even Angels unaware to help you pass your test.

This post I can go on and on and on, but my book which is at the bottom of each page, is a teaching of many things that I had to go through and endure in this school of Life. Click on it. Laughter in the Rain by Donna L Hall is on and Kindle E Books. Purchase it or download it onto your cell phone and read the many stories and lessons that I've learned and am still learning in Life.

You can and will survive the storm. Pray and talk to the Lord daily, for He will lead, guide and direct your footsteps. No it isn't easy, and NO it wasn't fair, but I don't believe that He brought me this far just to turn his back on me. He promised me that he would never leave me nor forsake me, but that he would be with me always, even unto the ends of this earth. That is what I hold onto; THE PROMISE

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