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Vacation Time is Important

Good Food, Family, Fun, means everything when it comes to relaxation. Barbeques and going on a Vacation. Always make time for yourself to getaway. You deserve a change of scenery.

My daughter Melanie knows how to plan trips and barbecues. We just had pure fun and relaxation. Swimming Pool fun, low humidity in our Suite Apartment. Beach Fun, and a tan that I don't need. lol lots and lots of fun. In the last 7 days, I really enjoyed my family and Vacation Time. It is so important to getaway and do something different.

Beach Fun. Relaxation. Family means everything. Getaway and enjoy your Life. Nothing like it. Always give thanks for each new day that the Lord gives you. He wants us to have life and have it more abundantly. Pray and love ye one another, for love is of God. With so much violence in the world, we must pray without ceasing.

Good food on the grill we had on yesterday and the best corn on the cob that my daughter brought. Family, Friends, Fans, and Water fun and games. The kids had so much fun, and we even saw Geese families and a couple of deer. The weather was almost perfect. Clean bathrooms. Great Music which my husband was over. No Regrets. Fun Fun Fun.

Always find time to enjoy life. Never allow what's going on around you burden your life, but instead pray for our Country and World around us. Unity equals strength in number. My Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren are a blessing to me to be able to enjoy. Posted above is 2 of my grandchildren. They bring me joy. They really enjoyed being on vacation and later on when we got back we had a beautiful barbecue at a wonderful park.

It's the month of June now. My birthday is June 8th, which is in a few days. I will be age 61. God wants me to Live, Laugh, Love and spread his love all around the world. I am a Mother of Souls. I love to make people laugh and enjoy life. Sometimes laughter is Medicine. We have to heal and laughter is a part of it. Never stay under Stress long because it's not good for our health, but rather pray and give it to the Lord. He will fix it for us if we would only learn to trust him and have faith in him that he will bring us out with a mighty outstretched hand.

You matter and you are important. Always know that time waits for nobody. Even though you maybe going through a crisis, don't give up on life. You maybe struggling financially, but believe that God will provide and make a way for you to survive and find time to getaway and go on a VACATION. It doesn't have to be expensive, it could just be a weekend getaway, but JUST DO IT!!!!!

God loves you very much and so does #MrsDonna Have a blessed day on purpose. To be a blessing on my birthday. My #Cashapp Id is $Donnalhall Thank you so very much or you can be a blessing to my book which is at the bottom of each post. Click on it and purchase or download it on your cell phone. If not just send a love gift to my Cashapp id. If you are inspired by my posts, please share them and come back again. Love you much. Donna L. Hall is my name.

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