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Valentine Disaster

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

So your waiting for Valentines Day! You want the flowers, candy, dinner and maybe a movie along with some sweet loving that evening. Romance me darling. Romance me and make me feel Special on my Special Day!

So your thinking about your beautiful Valentines Present and Surprise when your Husband gets home from work. You are looking all Sexy and Dolled Up! You got on your favorite perfume, waiting on your husband to come home and either take you out or surprise you at home. He is due home around 5:00 pm, but your worried because after 8:00pm he is just getting home. He has some sad story that he was out looking for a present for you.

By the way, hubby is smelling like perfume, and sweat. I'm saying "You must of purchased me some good smelling perfume because you smell just like an expensive kind. " He has nothing more than a card. His clothes look kind of wrinkled and he starts saying that he wants to go and take a shower and rest up.

I'm saying, "Where is my Valentines Perfume that you have on and what did you get me after 3 hours and no call? He avoids me and says; "I need to take a shower". Of course by now you are angry because you are looking real nice for him and he is smelling like a woman. Plus you see nothing more than a card that looks like it's old.

No Shower for you dear, I want to know where you have been? What is that on your neck? Looks like a passion mark or bite! I began to pull on him and tear through his clothing and find condoms dropping out of his pocket! What are these? I know you ain't buying condoms for me and you. I have been waiting for you and all I'm seeing is that you look like you have been out having fun on Valentines Day but not with me!

I began to hit him so hard until my hands were sore. All he had to say was that he had run into an old flame, and time just got away from him. I mean, what do you do when your husband comes home smelling like someone else and has marks on his neck and just has a card for you and wants to hurry up and get a shower?

I feel like Angela Bassett. I want to burn the whole house down. I want him to pay for how I feel right now. I mean, is this how Valentines day is supposed to go? I decide to go out since I have on nice clothes and drive and drive until I almost drive to a bar for a drink just to forget about this day.

I'm a loving wife. What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment on Valentines Day? I mean, He had to have been cheating on me all along, and just so happened to take the other woman out and sleep with her and all I get in return is him coming home 3 hours late, with perfume and neck marks and an old looking stale card that must be hers and not mine at all.

I'm saying Lord, you better touch my mind now because I am about to Snap all the way out and we will be divorced in a matter of months. I will walk away and never look back. I can't take this kind of Devastation!!! I didn't see this coming. What did I do wrong? I thought that he was Mr. Right!! I thought he was Faithful! I thought he was the best thing that has ever happened to me!! I guess he was a Wolf in Sheep Clothing.

I know that God has a blessing for me with my name on it, but this isn't a blessing at all, but a Night Mare. Or is it a blessing in disguise? Just maybe Divorce will free me from this big yoke of bondage. Just maybe the blessing is that I found out now so that I can be free from these chains. But why cheat on a good woman? Why a God Fearing Woman? Could it be that he was never a God Fearing Man?

Be careful about getting married or into a relationship with someone that you are not equally yoked with. How can light be mixed with darkness and work? I thought he was a good man. I mean he seemed like it. He prayed sometimes and went to church with me at times but he just wasn't into God like I was.

I got married quick because my Spirit was willing but my flesh was weak. He seemed to be Mr. Right or was it Mr. Right Now? I don't know because I had waited for 8 years for a man and I loved the Lord but my flesh was getting the best of me. I thought we loved each other. Maybe it was the lust of the flesh and not about love at all.

A hard price to pay!! What's done in the dark will come into the light. Everyone doesn't want a divorce but everyone you marry isn't necessarily marriage material. Sometimes we have to learn to control our flesh and wait for someone who is Spiritually Connected, but when the flesh is weak, sometimes you end up with nothing more than A Wolf in Sheep Clothing.

Happy Valentines Day!!! Because now I will be free to be me. A man who cheats on me on Valentines Day doesn't love me nor deserve me. What do you think? He doesn't seem that hurt at all.

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A man that cheats anyday is not deserving of any loyal woman! But Valentines Day solidifies the fact that the love was never there PERIODDDDD! I wouldn't give him 1 more second of my time!Divorce would b in order the same day lol!


Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson
Feb 12, 2023

Ain't that the truth! I plan on keeping me happy from now on so I won't be disappointed!

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