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Drinking more water is what I think about a lot more now. I am not in love with drinking enough of it. I am working on when I am thirsty to drink water instead of a different liquid so that I can get more water into my diet to flush out my kidneys and keep my system running more smoothly. The reason for this information is that there are many people that drink a lot of empty calorie drinks and drink much less water. I am learning that there is no substitute for drinking water.

Many of us drink hot tea or hot coffee in the morning instead of drinking water. I am going to work on making sure that I drink more water because tea or coffee is still not drinking water. This Blog is definitely for me because as I get older, my body is asking for more water and less sugary drinks. Sodas are definitely something that I have now limited and I know that the acid in and sugar in soda isn't what's best for me.

I drink tea or coffee only once now when I do it and then I work more now on getting my water into me, but I have to work on drinking more because I don't drink 8 glasses of water per day not at all. I try to get in a few bottles but I know that I should drink more.

Most people go crazy if they can't get their coffee fix. They are not going crazy to get water because it doesn't calm there nerves like coffee does. They need that FIX. Caffeine just like nicotine for people that smoke cigarettes. Addictions are REAL and we must all work on what it is that we crave most and limit it if it is something that is not good for us. Use it only in moderation or sparingly.

I am glad that I am not addicted to coffee, and I can't have much caffeine so I usually get Decaf Hazelnut Coffee at Wawa. I adore their coffee but I don't have to have it daily. I also love drinking tea as well but mainly decaf as well. My system doesn't seem to like too much caffeine as I get older or much acidic things so I limit tomato based things like spaghetti.

Our bodies is made up of at least 70% Water and it is just important to drink it, just like we need it to bathe, cook, clean and water the world for the trees and farming crops for us to eat and feed the animals. I thank you Lord for helping me to see the importance of why I need to concentrate on drinking water. It is just a good source of hydration, and helps to cleanse the body, and clean out our bowels.

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Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson

I'm drinking my water now🥰

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