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Who is #MrsDonna?

Who is #MrsDonna? It is a part of my Brand Name. The Life of Mrs Donna is my Personality. My Life summed up over a course of time. A Mother, wife, grandmother, great grandmother, author, encourager, humorist, advice coach, spread love, share many experiences of what I have overcome to help many, many, many people.

I am God's Child. I am a Force to be reckonned with. I am more than a conqueror. I am the apple of God's eyes. I am a love teacher. I am a motivator. I am a junky for the homeless, poor, and those who seem lost and forgotten. I am a person who cares about what is going on in the world and want to use my experiences to help encourage someone to become a better person.

I am an Evangelist, but called by the Lord at age 13, when I didn't even know what the word was. I as a child growing up always wanted to know and asked the Lord many, many, many times, "Why doesn't the world show Love to one another"? Why so much pain and hurt in the world? Where is the Love?

It seemed as if I was always concerned about the word "LOVE" WHY WHY WHY DOESN'T THE WORLD WALK IN LOVE ONE TOWARDS ANOTHER? I seemed burdened by this word all my life, even as a child. Like it was just apart of my DNA!!!

So as I started living and experiencing life, I realized that I was always looking for love in people. Looking for someone to love me for me and accept me without hurting me in the process. Why do people who say that they love you always seem to hurt you? Does love supposed to hurt?

It's like my life is a Journey and a Quest to learn and know what is True Authentic Love? I Must Know!!!!!

Behind my smile, is a Warm, Sensitive, Strong, Compassionate Nurturer. I feel like I am a Mother to everyone in the sense that I am somewhat "A Mother of Souls" I am concerned about the Lost and Forgotten and the Poor. The Elderly, The Widow Woman, The Abused Wife, The Abandoned Child.

Why is this in me? I believe that the Lord put it in me. It has nothing to do with a Title, and what I went to School for. It is rather a Knowing that Life is supposed to drive us all to a place of finding true authentic love. Draw from that in order to find our truest self. One must experience a lot of challenges in order to appreciate what real love even is.

So I challenge you to read my Book called "Laughter in the Rain" which is at the bottom of each post. Click on it and purchase or download in order to discover a lot about me. I encourage you to read these wonderful posts which will help you know about my heart.

I am a Youtuber. I have 3 Youtube Channels for you to Subscribe to. Thelifeofmrsdonnalhall. Donna Hall8117, and Grandma Donna's Wisdom Bites. Type them all in on Youtube and hit the Subscribe button. You don't have to have a Youtube channel to Subscribe or look up something.

I have many groups on Facebook. Just type in #MrsDonna and you will find me all over Facebook with over 34 Thousand Plus Posts. Twitter id is @Donna35850 and WattsApp Books. TicTok Donnahall32. Instagram Donnahall8117. God is expanding me. The Prayer of Jabez enlarging my territory. Please support #MrsDonna

My Fan Club Mail Box is P.O. Box 9269 Wilmington, Delaware 19809. Donna L. Hall is my name for Letters, cards, questions, gifts, photos, etc. Please write and tell me if you are a fan or not. If you ever want to be a blessing to help me further my Books and Gifts, My Cashapp id number is $Donnalhall Thank you very much. For Autographed Book copies please contact me through my #MrsDonna or 302 358-5061 Delaware USA. Thank you very much. Keep Watching and Add your email address to be a member of this Website Blog.

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