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As you can see I Love me some Wigs. I would even want to have my own Wig Collection one day. The white looking hair style I did that myself. It is braided into my hair. You know buying weave and adding it into your own hair. I have been doing that for about 30 years off and on.

When you wanna look different or feel like a Sassafras Girl. You might even wanna look 20 years younger for a week. Change is good. It can really spice up your relationship to pretend to be someone else. I mean to have a different look because I am my own woman. Just be creative with your personality. I have always loved many styles and my own hair as you will see in another Blog, I can't create these styles that I am able to do with wigs.

So the next time that you may feel blue or down, just go buy you a Wig and smile at the change that you created by yourself. Life is what you make it. Live. Laugh. Love to the fullest expression of YOU!

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