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Winter Season

It is that time of the year again when you start to feel the chill in the air. It's time to turn the air conditioner off and turn on the heat. Time to leave the beaches and water fun because it is just getting too cold, and the sun isn't gonna keep you warm enough to enjoy your pleasures at the beach.

For some of you, you may have a second home and travel to a warmer climate while the Winter Season is upon us, but for most of us like myself, I have to prepare my body for the bitter cold. I personally don't like the Winter months, because it seems to make my bones ache somewhat because of the Cold Season upon us.

Bundling up, buying salt and sand to put down to keep from sliding and falling outdoors, and also shoveling out your car and possibly being snowed in. Then there is the flu season that seems to visit the Country because it is cold, and now we seem to be still experiencing the Corona Virus which has attacked so many lives and limited our activities and pleasures that the world has to offer us.

Even though it is starting to get bitter cold outside, one thing you can be sure of is that life and seasons change. We must change, and nothing stays the same. As I get older, as I am age 59 now. I have to keep my body warm because you can't do all the same things that you did when you were sweet 21. Father Time tends to slow you down as you move forward into the Senior Years.

But I am very thankful that I still have a roof over my head. I am thankful that I have food to eat, and I am thankful for everyday that the Lord wakes me up clothed in my right mind. Yes I must adjust myself for the winter season that is now upon me, but at the same time I am aware of how the Lord keeps blessing me and keeps me safe even when the weather isn't too kind to my bones.

I am ever so Grateful to have Christ in my life because I don't know how I would make it without Him. I am blessed that He has allowed me to mature in Him no matter what is going on outside with the weather. Even though it is very cold outside, one thing remains clear to me and that is that my Spirit Man is Excited about what Jesus Christ is doing down on the inside of me. I have matured with time and come to understand and appreciate life no matter what season it is and value my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Always remember to keep Christ Jesus in your life at all times, because if you live long enough to experience the Senior Years, there is much wisdom to share with the youth of how you have overcome life's obstacles. How with Christ Jesus on your side, you were able to get through the challenging times of Life. Even the Winter Season of it all. I am so glad to have children, grandchildren and even now great grandchildren.

Yes I have to wash my hands more and keep things sanitized because of the Corona Virus and wear my mask when I go out, but one thing remains sure in my life and that is that Christ is my everything. He is my keeper and a very present help in times of trouble and in the winter season. So no matter what you are facing, even if it is a financial difficult time for you, or health challenge, remember that with Christ on your side, He will never leave you nor forsake you, and He will make a way out of no way for you. Remain strong, steadfast and unshaken, because better days are ahead of you and the SON will keep shining brightly on the inside of you to keep you warm even in the midst of the coldest nights.

JESUS CHRIST WILL KEEP YOU WARM IN HIM. FOR THE SAFEST PLACE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD IS IN THE WILL OF GOD. READ PSALMS 91 Often and dwell in the Secret Place. Love you all. Keep Warm, but most of all Keep Christ in your life always where there is fullness of joy forevermore. Love you #MrsDonna

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